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Quentin is Sir October Daye's squire and from the October Daye books played by [personal profile] ceitfianna who can be reached by AIM on the screen name mentioned or by DM.

At the moment his face is Mathias Lauridsen. Quentin is now from between One Salt Sea and Ashes of Honor. As I move him forward, I will update that information.

Mainly he will be seen in a human disguise where he looks like a handsome blond, blue-eyed teenager with a great deal of poise and a faint Canadian accent that gets stronger at certain moments. If he uses his magic, those who can smell it will smell heather and steel. Without his disguise, his ears are pointed, he eyes are a vibrant blue and his hair a shining gold that's darkening into copper. Unless otherwise noted, his clothing is modern and casual, if he's dressed for court or with his sword, I will describe it. In canon, dogs and horses don't like the Fae but cats are attracted to them.

Quentin is a Daoine Sidhe, which means that he's a powerful magic user who is adept at creating illusions such as the human disguise he will primarily wear in Bar. He is able to create illusions that can hide a car completely and make someone's gaze slip off it. Also he has magic that is tied to blood, in canon, what this means is that he can 'ride the blood' or when he tastes someone's blood, he experiences their memories. He is able to sense magic but I won't be playing with this aspect too greatly as its not hugely detailed. Instead he will be aware of other magic users and especially illusions. If you wish your character to be able to sense his disguise or see through it, talk to me so that we can figure out what makes the most sense.

Quentin is from the October Daye series, and is the property of name of Seanan McGuire. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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